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Sports Court Construction

When you’re looking to add a tennis, pickleball, or basketball court to your property, the sports court construction professionals at Outdoor Specialties LLC are here to serve you. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we construct athletic surfaces that are durable, playable, and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Reach out to us at (218) 820-9834 to schedule a consultation with our valued asphalt contractors.

Outdoor Specialties LLC: The Leading Sports Court Construction Company

We’re not just an asphalt company. Here, we're your partner in fulfilling your sporting dreams. Our use of top-quality materials, professional craftsmanship, swift response times, and expert consultations make us the best in the business. Your outdoor space is meant to be enjoyed. We’ll make it easier for you to do so.

We’re your premier asphalt contractor specializing in the art of sports court construction. Our mission is to transform your outdoor space into a recreational zone for all your sporting needs.

We build sports courts suitable for:

  • Pickleball
  • Running tracks
  • Multi-use courts
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • …and more

These athletic courts are suitable for all environments, from commercial properties and community facilities to private residential properties. When it comes to homeowners like you who dream of a perfect pickleball court in their backyard, a tennis court for family gatherings, or a basketball court for endless fun, we’re the paving contractor worth calling.

Discuss Your Asphalt Services With Us

Our customer support doesn't stop at installation. We offer consultations, follow-ups, and maintenance guidance to ensure your sports court remains in top condition for years to come. We're committed to your satisfaction and the longevity of your investment.

Swift and Efficient Sports Court Installation

We understand that your time is valuable. When you reach out to us, we respond within 24 hours to schedule your service. Rest assured, you won’t have to wait long for results. Our average completion time for sports court construction is just three weeks. Working with us means enjoying your new athletic space in no time.

Our Asphalt Contractors Prioritize Excellence

We understand that the heart of any sports court lies in its foundation, and that's why we exclusively use Cal Products Plexi Court materials. This high-grade, industry-leading asphalt ensures a smooth, durable surface for years to come. Our materials are designed to withstand the toughest plays and the harshest weather conditions, offering long-lasting, reliable performance.

Sports Court Builders and Planners

Our team is passionate about sports and takes immense pride in turning your vision into a reality. We meticulously plan every project, following proven installation methods that guarantee excellent results. Book a risk-free initial consultation to learn more about what makes us the best partners in paving solutions for sports courts and other recreational surfaces.

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Is it time to elevate your outdoor space to new heights? If so, contact Outdoor Specialties LLC today. Together, we’ll embark on this exciting journey. Whether it's pickleball, tennis, basketball, or a versatile multi-court, we're here to make it happen. Let's transform your outdoor space into an arena of dreams. Call us at (218) 820-9834 to schedule your consultation.

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